Services offered

Alan Wilson Environmental Consulting offers the following services:

Consulting and design

We work with you to define your environmental monitoring and measurement needs, and help you design a monitoring program, including site location(s) and design, instrumentation, supporting equipment, operating procedures, and your QA and QC programs

Independent Audits

We can provide an independent audit of your site, whether for regulatory compliance or just to have an independent set of eyes on your program.


We can offer advice and services for integrating environmental measurements and monitoring into a number of subjects (not just STEM), including custom lesson plans and materials, sensor recommendations, training and customized hardware and software.  We can provide custom data acquisition software to run on low-power, inexpensive platforms such as the Raspberry Pi single board computer.

Data Acquisition

We can advise on off-the shelf solutions or provide custom data acquisition solutions to cover the hardware to software gap.  We can also advise on communicating with your site, whether that be by wire, wireless, or remote access


Do you need to establish monitoring somewhere difficult to reach, or with significant environmental factors?  We can help, with over a decade of experience in establishing and operating in harsh marine environments and hard to reach placed like Sable Island, Nova Scotia.

citizen science

Do you have a community project where air quality or other environmental measurements/monitoring will play a role?  Don't know where to start?  We can provide advice on building environmental monitoring into your project.  Reduced rates may be available for registered charities and non-profit organizations.  Call or email to discuss.

Specializing in Ambient Air Quality Monitoring